George Harrison – Dark Horse (1974)

History: George’s personal life was a mess by the end of 1973, his marriage was falling apart and he was struggling with drug use. The Beatles partnership was fully dissolved and George went about establishing his own label and helping a couple other recording artists make records before finally returning to do his own. Near […]

Ringo Starr – Goodnight Vienna (1974)

History: Ringo recorded this album in Los Angeles in 1974, not long after John had recorded Walls and Bridges, and also using a lot of the same musicians. John contributed a song (two if you include its reprise) as did Harry Nilsson and Elton John. Ringo also worked with Vini Poncia again on a couple […]

John Lennon – Walls and Bridges (1974)

History: Now fully separated from Yoko and living with May Pang, John spent some time in Los Angeles and reconnected with his son Julian. He worked on an album with Phil Spector of early rock and roll songs that never came to be, but also wrote new material of his own. He returned to New […]

Ringo Starr – Ringo (1973)

History: While Ringo released the singles “It Don’t Come Easy” and “Backoff Boogaloo” in 1971 and ’72, he chose to focus most of the time period on his acting career. By 1973 he was ready to record again, and he called a huge host of friends to help him, including all three former bandmates, Randy […]

John Lennon – Mind Games (1973)

History: In early 1973, John was starting to hit his limit. He was caught up in court battles to try to stay in the United States, and the FBI was tapping his phone and otherwise tracking his movements, convinced he was a political threat. On top of this, he and Yoko started having problems that […]

Paul McCartney & Wings – Red Rose Speedway

History: For their second album, Wings made two changes. One was adding guitarist Henry McCullough and the other was changing the name of the band to “Paul McCartney and Wings.” The latter change was made with the thought that Wild Life was unsuccessful because people didn’t realize Paul was on the album. Red Rose Speedway […]

John & Yoko/Plastic Ono Band with Elephant’s Memory plus Invisible Strings – Some Time in New York City (1972)

History: John and Yoko moved to New York City in September of 1971, and very quickly become involved with various protests and political movements across the US. Their activities were enough to make the always paranoid Richard Nixon nervous enough to call for the FBI to start an investigation against them. They wrote songs related […]

Wings – Wild Life (1971)

History: Paul got together with Linda, drummer Denny Seiwell (who has previously appeared on Ram), and guitarist Denny Lane (formerly of the Moody Blues) to record this album over a period of 8 days. This rushed recording schedule was meant to give more of the spirit of a live recording, and 5 of the songs […]