George Harrison – George Harrison (1979)

History: George decided to take some time away from music after Thirty Three and 1/3, spending his time falling in love with Olivia Arias, helping Eric Idle make The Rutles film, and also starting up his film production company to help the Pythons make Life of Brian. He also spent a good amount of time […]

George Harrison – Thirty Three and 1/3 (1976)

History: While George was now free of his EMI contract and had created his own record label, the copyright infringement case for “My Sweet Lord” prevented him from getting started on his new record as quickly as he wanted to. To make matters worse, he also suffered from hepatitis in the middle of recording. But […]

George Harrison – Dark Horse (1974)

History: George’s personal life was a mess by the end of 1973, his marriage was falling apart and he was struggling with drug use. The Beatles partnership was fully dissolved and George went about establishing his own label and helping a couple other recording artists make records before finally returning to do his own. Near […]

George Harrison – Electronic Sound (1969)

History: In November 1968 while in Los Angeles, George Harrison was given a demonstration of a Moog synthesizer by Bernie Krause, a musician and salesman for the company. Without Bernie’s knowledge, George recorded the demo, and it became side 2 of this album. Side 1 was recorded by George himself once he had his own […]

George Harrison – Wonderwall Music (1968)

History: While Paul made some contributions to the soundtrack of the film The Family Way before this, Wonderwall Music is most often credited as the first Beatles solo release as George Harrison wrote, produced and composed the entirety of this soundtrack. It features a large number of musicians from Indian, orchestral and rock origins, as well as George himself […]